Hope – Rescue Dog Sculpture

Hope – Rescue Dog sculpture by Tanya Russell, ARBS. Open edition, from the ‘Great and Small Sculpture’ small animal range. Handmade in England.

Hope - Rescue Dog Sculpture, Doris Banham Rescue Dog Sculpture- Tanya Russell Dog Sculpture

Hope – Rescue Dog Sculpture


All proceeds from the sale of this Open Edition sculpture will go to Doris Banham Dog Rescue.

This sculpture is of Hugo, one of the 15,000+ dogs that Doris Banham Dog Rescue has rescued from being destroyed (euthanised) in UK dog pounds. Hugo now has a loving home and represents the hope that all sad dogs hold in the pounds – that someone is going to come and take their paw and love them and care for them, and save them from certain death.

Material:  Bronze Resin

Size: H:130 W:130 D:60 mm (H:5 1/8 W:5 1/8 D:2 3/8 inches)

Weight: 270g (9.5 oz.)

Price £40. Includes UK delivery, (international delivery £12).


To purchase this sculpture please contact the artist. As this artwork is handmade colour can vary slightly.


Materials explained

Bronze Resin (known also as Cold Cast Bronze) is made from a polyester epoxy resin with real bronze powder mixed into the surface layer. The final product is patinated (a term that describes the reaction of chemicals with the bronze powder in the surface) to give it a very similar colour to foundry bronze.

Foundry Bronze is made from molten metal using the lost wax method. Bronze metal is a blend of copper and tin along with other metals to give different characteristics to the final product.

Both forms begin as a clay or wax sculpture, from which a mould is taken, but Foundry Bronze casting is a costly and time-consuming process. Cold Casting allows for faster production and a more affordable sculpture.

The intention behind the Hope – Rescue Dog sculpture

Doris Banham Dog Rescue was set up in memory of Doris Banham, the mother of  founder Trudie James. The cornerstone of the Charity is to always rescue those dogs in greatest need and this policy leading them to focus on the forgotten pound dogs on death row in council pounds. Doris Banham Dog Rescue is dedicated to alleviating their suffering and saving their lives.

Council pounds holding lost and abandoned dogs picked up by dog wardens are entitled to euthanise these dogs after only 7 days if their owner has not reclaimed them. Therefore a much-loved pet lost in the park could be put to sleep after just one week if their owner did not manage to locate the pound they had been taken to and reclaim them in time. Of the 10’s of 1000’s of dogs that are stolen each year in the UK some of these end up in the pounds. For those that are not micro chipped and typically hundreds of miles from their owners, they face certain death if a rescue does not take them.

Doris Banham Dog Rescue is funded solely by donations and grants and 100% of the funds received are spent on saving the dogs. Hence it is run by unpaid volunteers and has no administration costs as the volunteers all pay their own expenses.