Demoiselle Crane Sculpture

The Demoiselle Crane sculpture by Tanya Russell, MRBS. Limited edition, from the ‘Gardens’ sculpture range. Handmade in England.

Material: either Bronze Resin or Foundry Bronze

Bronze Resin (Limited Edition 12) Price £2,790. 

Foundry Bronze (Limited Edition 12) Price £8,400.

(Includes VAT and excludes delivery)

Height: 4 feet

To purchase this Demoiselle Crane sculpture please contact the artist. As this artwork is handmade colour can vary slightly.

Materials explained

Bronze Resin
(known also as Cold Cast Bronze) is made from a polyester epoxy resin with real bronze powder mixed into the surface layer. The final product is patinated (a term that describes the reaction of chemicals with the bronze powder in the surface) to give it a very similar colour to foundry bronze.

Foundry Bronze is made from molten metal using the lost wax method. Bronze metal is a blend of copper and tin along with other metals to give different characteristics to the final product.

Both forms begin as a clay or wax sculpture, from which a mould is taken, but Foundry Bronze casting is a costly and time-consuming process. Cold Casting allows for faster production and a more affordable sculpture.

The intention behind the Demoiselle Crane sculpture

The Demoiselle Crane sculpture was a private commission and is one of my earlier artworks. It was designed to be situated by water and it’s height makes it a nice piece to situate beside or amongst plants or reeds.

Once I’d sculpted the Demoiselle Crane sculpture in wax a rubber mould was taken, with ‘keys’ placed in the rubber to ensure proper positioning. Then a shell of fibreglass was applied, to protect the mould and support it during the casting process.