‘Tenderness’ woman and rabbit sculpture

'Tenderness' woman and rabbit sculpture

The ‘Tenderness’ woman and rabbit sculpture by Tanya Russell, MRBS. Limited edition 12. Handmade in England.


Material: Foundry Bronze or Bronze Resin  

Bronze Resin (Limited Edition: 12) Price £1,250. 

Foundry Bronze (Limited Edition: 12) Price £2,800. 

(Prices include VAT and exclude delivery)

Size: 80 cm


To purchase the ‘Tenderness’ woman and rabbit sculpture please contact the artist. As this artwork is handmade colour and weight can vary slightly.

Materials explained

Foundry Bronze is made from molten metal using the lost wax method. Bronze metal is a blend of copper and tin along with other metals to give different characteristics to the final product.

A bronze begins as a clay or wax sculpture, from which a mould is taken. Casting in Foundry Bronze is a costly and time-consuming process, but produces a peerless finish, an incredibly robust sculpture, and a valuable artwork.

The intention behind the ‘Communion’ woman and bird sculpture

I sculpted the ‘Tenderness’ woman and rabbit sculpture for my new Relationships range. I’m exploring my style, introducing more abstraction to my marks and composition. The intention is to simplify and emphasise the relationship between human and animal. In this case, regard, exchange of tenderness, intimacy and closeness forms the main theme of ‘Communion.’