Greyhound - Tanya Russell Dog Sculpture
Greyhound - Tanya Russell Dog Sculpture
Front quarter left view of greyhound sculpture
Front quarter right view of greyhound sculpture
Rear view of greyhound sculpture
Left side view of greyhound sculpture
Rear quarter right view of greyhound sculpture
Right side view of greyhound sculpture

Greyhound sculpture

From: £110.00

10% of proceeds go to the Dog’s Trust welfare charity,

Greyhound sculpture. Sculpted in Wales and handmade in England. Open edition greyhound statue from the ‘Charities’ small animal range.

  • Bronze Resin
  • Foundry Bronze

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Dimensions (Metric):

H:18 W:24 D:9 cm

Dimensions (Imperial):

H:7 W:9.5 D:3.5 inches


Open Edition


Bronze. (This sculpture is handmade, so colour may vary.)


This greyhound sculpture is modelled on Malcolm, a retired racing greyhound owned by Printmaker Sue Corke. Sue is the Head of Print at The Art Academy.

Malcolm maintains the extraordinary leg muscles of a racer and has a wonderfully sweet temperament. I’ve often found that greyhound owners are some of the most loyal owners to the breed. I have a lot of admiration for organisations dedicated to finding ex-racers homes, like Forever Hounds Trust. And I hope that the sport will continue its improvements in the welfare of these wonderful animals.

When I model animals I try where possible to find examples from life. I also use many, many photos. This helps me sculpt their anatomical features, the way that hair or fur lies over their muscles or alters their shape, and their different poses and attitudes.

– Your greyhound sculpture raises money for dogs in need –

The Greyhound statue is part of my Charities Range, and 10% of the proceeds go to the Dog’s Trust. The charity cares for over 15,000 dogs each year through its network of 20 rehoming centres. It works to ensure that all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

If you would like to commission a greyhound sculpture, and want to ask a question about a sculpture of your own dog, I have some information about bespoke sculptures and pricing on my commissions page.

Available to order when out of stock

If the Greyhound sculpture is out of stock, I can have one cast for you within 12 weeks. I can possibly have it cast in 4 weeks, if your sculpture is for a special occasion. Please be aware when buying the Greyhound statue for delivery to the US or other countries outside the EU, your local customs duties may apply, (this is most applicable to high value sculpture).