Otter Pair sculpture - quarter left viewOtter Pair sculpture - quarter left view

Otter Pair sculpture

From: £75.00

10% of proceeds go to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Otter Pair sculpture. Sculpted in Wales and handmade in England. Open edition otter statue from the ‘Charities’ small animal range.


Additional information

Dimensions (Metric):

H:13 W:12 D:10 cm

Dimensions (Imperial):

H:5 W:5 D:4 inches

Materials to choose from:

Bronze Resin, Foundry Bronze


Open Edition


Bronze. (This sculpture is handmade, so colour may vary.)

Intention behind the sculpture

This Otter Pair sculpture is one of my earlier sculptures. I sculpted it after falling in love with otters after doing a commission for the then Young People’s Trust for Endangered Species. I met a wonderful Eurasian Otter named Bea and found the friendly, inquisitive creature absolutely adorable.

When I model animals I try where possible to find examples from life. I also use many, many photos showing the animal (and other animals of the breed or species). This helps me sculpt their anatomical features. I study the way that muscles and skin features interact or alter their shape, and their different poses and attitudes.

– Your otter pair sculpture raises money for wildlife conservation –

The Otter Pair statue is part of my Charities Range, and 10% of the proceeds go to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The wildlife conservation charity particularly focuses on Africa and Asia. It fights wildlife crime and protects natural areas. It also engages local communities in finding long-term, sustainable solutions to protect their native wildlife.

If you would like to commission an otter sculpture or a another animal statue, I have some information about bespoke sculptures and pricing on my commissions page.

Suitable for indoor display and sized for the window-sill or mantlepiece. The Otter Pair sculpture is a perfect animal sculpture gift for a special occasion.

Available to order when out of stock

If the Otter Pair sculpture is out of stock, I can have one cast for you within 12 weeks. I can possibly have it cast for you in 4 weeks, if your sculpture is for a special occasion. Please be aware when buying the Otter Pair statue for delivery to the US or other countries outside the EU, your local customs duties may apply, (this is most applicable to high value sculpture).


Materials Explained

Bronze Resin (known also as Cold Cast Bronze) is made from a polyester epoxy resin with real bronze powder mixed into the surface layer. The final product is patinated (a term that describes the reaction of chemicals with the bronze powder in the surface) to give it a very similar colour to foundry bronze.

Foundry Bronze is made from molten metal using the lost wax method. Bronze metal is a blend of copper and tin along with other metals to give different characteristics to the final product.

Both forms begin as a clay or wax sculpture, from which a mould is taken, but Foundry Bronze casting is a costly and time-consuming process. Cold Casting allows for faster production and a more affordable sculpture.