Sculptor’s Workshop

the Artist’s Studio

Llandovery, Wales – United Kingdom

Tanya makes her clay sculptures in a studio in Wales

Our artist’s studio is on a small hill farm in the countryside, where Tanya draws inspiration and energy from all the natural landscapes and living things around us.

We make big sculptures there

And small ones

What Happens Onsite?

We have 3 different artist studios here where we can sculpt different sized statues onsite, along with a workshop for small metalwork and related carpentry. Smaller sculptures are transported for moulding, and large ones are moulded here. While the casting in resin, bronze, and stainless steel, is done at casters and foundries in England and Wales.






Client Approval

Our farm is a big source of inspiration

Tanya’s sculpture is about our relationship with animals. As individuals, all animals both wild and domestic are important, and the way we support them and conserve their habitats is critical to continued life on our planet.

Doris the Rescue Pig

Rescuing lovely animals like Doris is a part of the spirit of Tanya’s art. Doris passed away at the ripe old age of 16! 

Our alpacas

We believe farming can be welfare-centric, and we have alpacas because they don’t enter the food chain and we can ensure that owners keep boys like Atlas, shown on the right, really well! Tanya is also welfare officer for the South Wales Regional Alpaca Group

Alice the Roe Deer

Alice was caught in a fence and in a dog attack. She was brought to Rebecca, Tanya’s sister and a vet, to die peacefully. Alice survived and we rehabilitated her here. She now lives at the British Wildlife Centre!


A mystery chick with strange stripy feathers got rejected by a bantam after hatching. Valkyrie grew up on our desk and eventually joined the other poultry outside. Valkyrie turned out to be a guinea fowl, which was also when we worked out our 4 female guineas were, unexpectedly, 3 girls and a boy!



The best we can

We hope we can continue to do the best we can for rescue or injured animals. If we can keep trying to think about habitat and animal happiness, then we believe we’ll be doing the best we can.

What Happens Offsite away from the Studio?

Moulding and casting is performed at a number of different places offsite away from our artist’s studio. We will also go offsite to do sittings for dog commissions, to visit intended sites for public sculpture, and to install our statues.

Home Visits

Site Planning