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by Tanya Russell · May 27, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

Ancient and Medieval Bronze Casting, Sculpture, Stone Carving and Land Art in the British Isles

See the beautiful work of the 'hidden people' of these islands, and the many styles that were born of invasion, settlement and faith.

by Tanya Russell · May 27, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures, Commissions

Photo journey – how Tanya Russell became a bronze animal sculptor in pictures

Tanya has always loved animals, here as a teenager with a rescue hen. Her parents were both sculptors and used to get many animal models and also rescues, who would then stay and live out their lives with the family.

by Tanya Russell · Apr 21, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

What is Patina in Bronze Sculpting?

Patina is the term used to describe the coloured coating that forms on the surface of bronze sculptures, either naturally – over time, or through the process of foundry patination, (sometimes also known as antiquing). Foundry patination, followed by the...

by Tanya Russell · Mar 25, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

Bronze vs Spelter: What are the differences?

When it comes to sculptures in the art world, there are a vast amount of material choices that exist for their creation. Similar to Foundry Bronze, Spelter is a common material that has been used for sculptures and decorative objects...

by Tanya Russell · Feb 23, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

Commissioning a Bronze Dog Sculpture: What to Look For & FAQs

I ship my bronze dog statues around the world, and if you are looking for indoor or garden bronze dog sculptures, I’m really happy to help. So here are some tips that help answer the most common questions asked when...

by Tanya Russell · Jan 30, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

Why are bronze sculptures so ‘expensive’?

Bronze sculptures are often expensive for several reasons, reflecting the labour-intensive and intricate process involved in creating them. As such, we often find that people want to understand why bronze sculptures are expensive, particularly before they consider buying a piece...

by Tanya Russell · Jan 4, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

How To Display Your Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculptures can look elegant and timeless, and add real character to any space they are displayed in, if you display them in a way that complements your home and garden. If you have invested in a statue for your...

bronze hummingbird costs

by Tanya Russell · Jan 4, 2024 · Bronze Sculptures

How much does a bronze statue cost? How bronze is valued

There is no denying that bronze sculptures are some of the most beautiful, striking pieces of artwork that can be created. Whether it’s their ability to become a focal point in bustling cities, complement a quaint garden, or even immortalise...

by Tanya Russell · Dec 2, 2023 · Bronze Sculptures

Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures: What is an Edition?

An edition means that there is a number bronze copies of an artwork. Modern sculpture moulds are most commonly made of rubber, because rubber is soft enough to be maleable when removing a casting from the mould. This type of...

outdoor displayed crossbreed sculpture

by Tanya Russell · Nov 21, 2023 · Bronze Sculptures

Can Bronze Withstand the Weather? Displaying Bronze Statues Outdoors

Broadly yes, many bronze sculpture owners choose to display their bronze outside, and foundry bronze can last indefinitely. This is because it’s a strong and durable material that can hold up extremely well in various outdoor weather conditions.

bronze running saluki sculpture

by Tanya Russell · Nov 2, 2023 · Bronze Sculptures

How To Know If Your Bronze Sculpture is Real

To identify genuine bronze, it is helpful understand what real bronze is composed of, so you can spot materials pretending to be bronze. It is helpful to know how artists normally certify their work as real. And it is helpful...

Cob horse sculpture modelling bringing it all together

by Tanya Russell · Aug 2, 2023 · Bronze Sculptures

How Foundry Bronze and Bronze Resin Sculptures are Made

The process called Bronze Resin casting, cold casting or bonded casting is similar up to stage 8 above – the moulding of the original sculpture with a silicone rubber mould. But because this casting process is ‘cold’ that first rubber...