I am now offering ‘Hope’ – a sculpture for Doris Banham Dog Rescue inspired by a dog named

Hope - Rescue Dog Sculpture, Doris Banham Rescue Dog Sculpture- Tanya Russell Dog Sculpture

Hope – Rescue Dog Sculpture

Hugo. It costs them £5 to save a dog from death row in the council pounds and put them into a foster home.  The proceeds from this sculpture all go to the Charity, and each person who buys one could be saving 4 dogs!

I want to make many more for them over the years and really hope that people buy them and help the many dogs desperate for a family. The most important aspect of my art for me is that it can actually help to prevent suffering for dogs and other animals – even if we help a few it is worth it.  Hugo now has a loving home.
Hope – Cold Cast Bronze, Unlimited Edition, H:75 W:165 D:60, £39 (not including delivery)