Lying Bull sculpture - Tanya Russell, Animal Sculpture
Lying Bull sculpture - Tanya Russell, Animal Sculpture
Bull Sculpture - front quarter left view
Bull Sculpture - rear view
Bull Sculpture - front view
Bull Sculpture - right side view
Bull Sculpture - rear quarter right view

Lying Bull sculpture

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10% of proceeds go to the All Creatures Great & Small animal sanctuary

Lying Bull sculpture. Sculpted in Wales and handmade in England. Open edition bull statue from the ‘Charities’ small animal range.

  • Bronze Resin
  • Foundry Bronze

Additional information

Dimensions (Metric):

H:7.5 W:16.5 D:6 cm

Dimensions (Imperial):

H:3 W:6.5 D:2.5 inches


Open Edition


Bronze. (This sculpture is handmade, so colour may vary.)


I modelled the Lying Bull sculpture to represent the fictional Ferdinand the bull. When he was young Ferdinand did not enjoy butting heads with other young bulls. Instead he preferred to lie under the trees smelling the flowers. When he grew up, Ferdinand turned out to be the largest and strongest of the young bulls. All the other bulls dreamt of being chosen to compete in the bull fight in Madrid, but Ferdinand still preferred smelling the flowers instead.

One day, five men come to the pasture to choose a bull for the fights. Ferdinand was on his own when he accidentally sat on a bee. Upon getting stung he ran wildly across the field, snorting and stamping. Mistaking Ferdinand for a mad bull, the men renamed him “Ferdinand the Fierce” and took him away to be killed in the ring in Madrid.

All the beautiful ladies of Madrid turned out to see the handsome matador fight “Ferdinand the Fierce”. However, when Ferdinand was led into the ring, he was delighted by the flowers in the ladies’ hair. He lay down in the middle of the ring to enjoy them, upsetting all the people who’d come to see the fight. Ferdinand was then sent back to his pasture, where to this day he is still smelling flowers.

When I model animals I try where possible to find examples from life. In this instance I used many, many photos. They help me sculpt the animals’ anatomical features, the way that their hair or fur lies over their muscles, and their different poses and attitudes.

– Your lying bull sculpture raises money for rescued farm animals –

The Lying Bull sculpture is part of my Charities Range. 10% of the proceeds go to the All Creatures Great & Small animal sanctuary. The sanctuary is based in Wales. It operates a programme of rehabilitation and re-homing of injured, abused, unwanted and orphaned farm animals and pets.

If you would like to commission your own bull sculpture, or have an idea for another animal sculpture, I have some information about bespoke sculptures and pricing on my commissions page.

Suitable for indoor display and sized for the window-sill or mantlepiece. The Lying Bull sculpture sculpture is a perfect animal sculpture gift for a special occasion.

Available to order when out of stock

If the Lying Bull sculpture is out of stock, I can have one cast for you within 12 weeks. It could be cast in 4 weeks, if your sculpture is for a special occasion. Please be aware when buying the Lying Bull statue for delivery to the US or other countries outside the EU, your local customs duties may apply, (this is most applicable to high value sculpture).