Otter Pair sculpture - right view
Otter Pair sculpture - quarter left view
Otter Pair sculpture - front view


Windowsill-sized bronze Pair of Otters sculpture by Tanya Russell MRBS – a bronze Pair of Otters statue and pair of otters ornament for the home.

FREE DELIVERY to the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

10% of the proceeds from this sculpture support ‘The David Shepherd Wildlife Trust’ animal charity.

  • Bronze Resin
  • Foundry Bronze
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Which material to choose?

Bronze Resin – bronze metal powder is mixed with a resin to create the appearance of foundry bronze metal, but is more affordable and lightweight.


Foundry Bronze – refers to the poured molten metal that is cast solid or hollow, depending on size, at a bronze foundry (using the traditional lost wax process). It is more robust and will appreciate in value.



Metric –  H: 13 W: 12 D: 10 centimetres

Imperial –  H: 5 W: 5 D: 4 inches

(Height / Width / Depth)


As this sculpture is handmade the bronze colour may vary.

The beautiful bronze Pair of Otters sculpture is a casting of an original sculpture. It is hand cast by a British foundry or resin caster and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This is an original foundry or resin casting of the sculptor’s work that she has personally approved.

This casting is a perfect recreation of the original sculpture and bears the artist’s signature and its own unique edition number.


Foundry Bronze Edition:  Open (Unlimited)

Bronze Resin Edition:  Open (Unlimited)

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The inspiration behind the sculpture

This Otter Pair sculpture is one of my earlier sculptures. I sculpted it after falling in love with otters after doing a commission for the then Young People’s Trust for Endangered Species. I met a wonderful Eurasian Otter named Bea and found the friendly, inquisitive creature absolutely adorable.

How it was made

When I model animals I try where possible to find examples from life. I also use many photos – often hundreds – showing the animal (and other animals of the breed or species). This helps me sculpt their anatomical features. I study the way that hair, fur or skin lies over their muscles or alters their shape, and their different poses and attitudes.

The Pair of Otters sculpture was modelled in wax, over a steel and aluminium armature for support. After the pair of otters statue was finished a rubber mould was taken, with ‘keys’ placed in the rubber to ensure proper positioning. Then a shell of fibreglass was applied, to protect the mould and support it during the casting process.

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Client testimonials

The trophy has arrived and we love it!, Tim would have like it and it reflects his personality.

Anna (Buyer)

We have the otters – and very nice they are too. We could not be happier with them. Many thanks.

Graham (Buyer)

The otters are widely admired.

Dale (Buyer)

Really lovely, arrived on time, much better than the photo’s , thank you.

Michael (Buyer)


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Delivery & returns
Delivery costs are calculated once you add a sculpture to your bag. Contact us for other delivery options like collection or express delivery for bulky sculptures.

International delivery is available.

If you are an international buyer, you may need to pay local customs duties or taxes when importing a sculpture into your country. This most often applies to more valuable sculptures. Your local customs and taxes are not prepaid for you. If you contact us we can try to estimate them for you.

Sculpture that is broken in transit to you may be returned, and a replacement sculpture will be sent to you, at no further cost. If no replacement is available, we will cast a new one for you, or offer you a refund.

Commissioning a bespoke wildlife sculpture

If you would like to commission a made-to-order wildlife sculpture, or your own pair of otters statue, first of all I recommend looking at the information about bespoke sculptures on my commissions page. In particular, this should help guide you on sizing and possibly pricing.

Afterwards, please contact me about your idea.

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