The Seal and Cub was inspired by childhood trips to Scotland, where I saw these beautiful creatures on quiet beaches there, nursing their young. I always loved the relationship between the mother seal and her cub, and there are few things cuter than a baby seal! The sculpture was later used as a trophy by the Young Environmentalist of the Year Award, which promoted awareness of conservation and environmental protection in young people.

The elegant ‘Seal and Cub’ bronze statue bears the artist’s signature and unique edition number. The casting of the bronze seal sculpture has been personally approved by Tanya and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

10% of the proceeds from this bronze wildlife sculpture support the David Shepherd Wildlife Trust animal charity.

FREE DELIVERY to the United Kingdom.

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Dimensions & Sizing

Ideal size for tabletops and mantelpieces

Metric –  H: 16 W: 24 D: 10 centimeters

Imperial –  H: 6 W: 9 D: 4 inches

(Height / Width / Depth)


Foundry Bronze Edition:  Open

Bronze Resin Edition:  Open

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Which Material to Choose

Bronze Resin – bronze metal powder is mixed with a resin to create the appearance of foundry bronze metal, but is more affordable and lightweight.

Foundry Bronze  – refers to the poured molten metal that is cast solid or hollow, depending on size, at a bronze foundry (using the traditional lost wax process). It is more robust and will appreciate in value.

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Sculpture Description, Bases & Fixings

This elegant bronze seal statue is sculpted by artist Tanya Russell, who is well known for her life-like wildlife and animal sculptures. Tanya has a passion for bettering the lives of the animals she sculpts and 10% of all proceeds from the seal statue will go to the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Trust’, a charity that fights for greater legal protection of endangered species.

The Seal and Cub is an open edition sculpture, and your piece will be a superb recreation of the original bronze Seal and Cub sculpture from a mould.

This statue is presented on an integrated base, made of Bronze Resin or Foundry Bronze depending on which material you choose. It can be additionally mounted on a wood, slate or granite base if requested.

How The Sculpture Was Made

The bronze seal sculpture was sculpted using … photographs of Tess, the model for the original piece. Tanya decided on which pose would suit her best and proceeded to create the Labrador portrait statue in clay. 

Once the figure was sculptured, a rubber mould was taken, with keys placed in the rubber to ensure proper positioning. After, a shell of fibreglass was applied, to protect the Labrador portrait and support it during the casting process.

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Delivery & Returns

The delivery costs of your sculpture are calculated once you add a sculpture to your bag. Contact us for other delivery options like collection or express delivery for bulky sculptures.

International delivery is available. If you are an international buyer, you may need to pay local customs duties or taxes when importing a sculpture into your country. This most often applies to more valuable sculptures.

Your local customs and taxes are not prepaid for you.

If you contact us we can try to estimate them for you. Sculpture that is broken in transit to you may be returned, and a replacement sculpture will be sent to you, at no further cost. If no replacement is available, we will cast a new one for you, or offer you a refund.

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Commission a bespoke wildlife sculpture

Commission A Bespoke Wildlife Sculpture

If you would like to commission a made-to-order wildlife sculpture, first of all I recommend looking at the information about bespoke sculptures on my commissions page. In particular, this should help guide you on sizing and possibly pricing.

Afterwards, please contact me about your idea.